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Chesline Pierre-Paul

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(re)learn your lost native language to reclaim your biological ancestry



Hi love! This coaching is for you if you are: 1) adopted, 2) immigrant-born in foreign lands, and/or 3) born into a transracial home. I coach you to (re)learn the birthright of your lost native language and come into your place of power, self-determining, belonging, and identity, within worlds of cultural dissonance and paradox. This is about more than grammar, or even language, it is about becoming culturally self-empowered, irreverent, self-determined, magnificent, unclaimable, and whole. You are never too much or not enough of anything culturally or otherwise; this is a truth you will come to see through the re-appreciation of the unrepeatable completeness of the identities only you are privileged to embody so deathlessly and breath-stealingly.  

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