Naked & Free - Makeupdlessness as Fashion

Updated: May 4

There is a difference between removing and releasing. One of the greatest and most anchoring forces of my life and universe, that makes my world wholesome and replete with depth, Lina, a soul sister if there ever was one, proclaimed the full stature of her beauty through makeuplessness.

The gift in choosing to be naked and free, and in alternatively glamming up for power, is that, the knowing that your beauty isn’t lessened or enhanced by cosmetics, but rather, that you choose the modalities of your self-expression as strikes your whim, fancy, and spirit.

Thus, if makeup weren’t as available to you, you would irrespectively be empowered to hold yourself in grace and see how unequivocally beauteous and staunchly affirming you are, by the standard of a beauty only you can hold.

When who you are isn’t commodifiable or contingent on any externalities vying for merit, validation, or worth, that is when you are free. When you allow yourself to be fluid in how you carry yourself, esthetically, and self-expressedly, that is power. That is freedom.

To better equip your consciousness with a heightened gaze around the beauty of you, and the beauty in you, here are a few prompts to understand how to be naked & free, and how to embrace makeuplessness as fashion:

Ask yourself

  1. Does the thought of wearing my face, unadorned, as an ornament, purposively fraught with its own nakedness, leaves me feeling exposed, depreciated, underdressed? Is there a panic, a fear, a lessening in the confidence I hold in my intrinsic beauty when roaming about naked & free as my makeupless self?

  2. Is my makeup a place of hiding or resting? Is it a place of divorcing myself from the embodied knowledge of my unadorned beauty or is it a place of reconnection with being creatively self-expressive?

Whenever my answer of the moment, is - “yes, I feel lessened, depreciated, and exposed”, then my beauty demands makeuplessness as fashion and adornment.

Whenever my alternate answer to the moment, is - “no, I hold myself so staunchly in affirmation and self-reverence, makeup carries self-expression, not worth”, then my beauty chooses makeup as art, as purposive expression, as embodiment.

You are too powerful and too imbued with depth to be denied to anything that brings fire and light to your spirit.

Choosing my body as ultimate art, power, knowledge, and consecration is how I decolonize and sanitize the gaze I hold for myself by choosing to be emancipated from anything that makes me feel small, depreciated, anything that makes me feel unlike myself.

I wear my hair out like a cloud of clout. I wear my skin out like a haze of grace.

For more about how to live whole, free, uncontained, and unceremoniously self-reverent, read more here.

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