Live full out, to die empty

Updated: May 4

I’ve heard the following untruth - “you can’t have it all” - rehashed with such determined vengeance, I understood how some create systems to justify a reality that is reduced, compromised, and condemnatory of any impulse towards truth, expansion, creation, and affirmation.

The undergirding defeatist presumption here is that daring joy and wholeness is preposterous, and that we live under the gaze and dome of capped human potential, of a capped and compromising entitlement to truth, wholeness, and affirmation.

If I come here, in all of my state, imbued with the capacity to be, I want to depart this world emptier on some accounts, knowing I have exerted my fullness so consummately and radically and irrevocably that I am leaving no ounce of energy, truth, or power denied or unclaimed.

Les Brown talks about choosing to live full out to die empty. That is my commitment. To live so radically whole and replete with joy, mirth, power, grace, and contentment, that each day, each passing fragment of time, allows me to cycle through the space I hold so gracefully, so consummately, so anchoringly, that when I go to sleep at night, it is with a heart full of light and lightness, and with my energies shifting back from willful and mindful exertion and expansion into replenishment and repose.

When you live by that ethos, fiercely, daringly, consummately, and empoweringly, who do you allow yourself to become? What does your becoming comes to amount to?

  1. in identity: you choose people and circumstances that make you taste and crave expansion, not constriction. You pursue the whisper of “what if … my dream held more irrevocability than any other part of my defining truth and reality?” and learn to unfragment yourself by normalizing a commitment to joy and expansion. You prioritize laughter through simplicity and intentionality in how you induce mirth and light in the face of the mundane, the unlikely, and the unexpected.

  2. in crisis: you see in the collapse of all things, and in the collapse of your world, an opportunity to glean searing clarity about what you truly aspire to establish, fears and uncertainties notwithstanding. Crisis removes all to expose the few, the first, the only. The first, the few, the only recurring truths and things you crave and deny yourself for fear of becoming too unrecognizable to the standards of this world. Crisis exposes the only truths that set you free, uncontained, whole, and daring.

  3. in business: you lean into new projects that force your brand to behave evolutively with sheer purpose-drivenness. You connect with unlikely allies who bring new directionalities and new spectrums of depth to your work. You look to the amassment of riches as a correlated offshoot of abundance, and look at how your business can be an intersectional container for expanded deathless global community impact.

  4. in opportunities: you see more. You dare more. You ask (for) more. You are intuitively more versed in what sets your soul atingle, ablaze, and afire, and lean into that impulse towards new faces, new voices, new truths, new rapports. You let yourself be steered by your “what if ….?” and make your dream the anchoring abode of your reality.

  5. in finances: because you live so expansively, new horizons, new profit centers are being concretized and formalized. This openness to daring your own wholeness as an ethos, as a truth, as a compass, makes you the instater of all of your opportunities. In the abundance of your daring, lie the materializable riches of your power.

Dare wholeness, love. Live full out to die empty. That is my truth. That is my call to grace, action, and elevation to you. Read more.

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