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welcome to my world, where positive disruption meets social impact

Chesline Pierre-Paul

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I am a transformation coach and a social impact expert on innovation, economic empowerment, and rebellious leadership. 

Welcome to my world, love.


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my superpower.

I am a unicorn. I force into disruptive harmony worlds that are systemically divorced: language, creativity, activism, entrepreneurship. 

My secret sauce? Anti-oppression. But wait! Not in a divisive us-against-them reductively bleeding-heart liberal kind of way. In a way that calls us all to use seminal diversity transformationally, intersectionally, and tactically, as a form of mutual honoring and multi-way empowerment that is practicalizable into tangible economics and rebellious leadership.

Find what makes you powerful.

with me, Ches



As a unicorn, a transdisciplinarian, an anti-colonialist, an artist, and a socialpreneur, I wanted to share with you a service and product offerings that would be as holistic and multilayered as can be. There's my book, "Decolonize your language to sanitize your mind", on how to live as your most powerful through your place of highest disruption and mutual honoring. There are my ecourses here on creativity, language, entrepreneurship, and activism (see below for more).


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Read on ;)

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my book.

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my ecourses.


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