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welcome to my world, where positive disruption meets social impact

Chesline Pierre-Paul

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quick note. 

hi love! soooo thrilled you've made it this far ;)

remember how I've self-described as a unicorn? well, this is the soulular nucleus of my world, where positive disruption meets social impact. this is the fullest embodiment of that synergy of worlds, distilled into palatable, simple, yet searingly potent paradigm-breaking wisdom and transdisciplinary knowledges shared with you, my love, in the most practical and implementation-ready of ways.

get blown away by how anti-oppression with me, is not an act of defensiveness, of disunity, or of sentimentalism. far from it. it is the most holistically intelligent way of being elevated manifestably, tangibly, by an expansive umbrella of diversity that translates into heightened economic power, radically augmented innovational intelligence, and next-level global thought leadership.

with love, Ches

welcome to the educational experience of your life. initiating transformation journey. now. transformation, is only the begining.

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how to navigate our free content library

wait love! before you roll forward and unlock your lifetime access to our free digital content library of world-class education, here are a few mini-steps to prime you on how to make the most out of this space and its host of transdisciplinary knowledges. 

a few minutes of priming and groundedness for a lifetime of focused clarity enhanced through a clear action-ready creative ideation-to-execution format. here goes. 

read on my love --------> 


see this free education platform as world where educational advocacy meets positive disruption, and social impact. as you move through the library content, don't overstretch yourself. that makes your intellectual appetites compete at cross-purposes against themselves because, when you do, you are forward-moving without an affirmed sense of direction.

the solution to that? create priorities within your content prosumption and take them up, one at a time.

what does that mean? --- read below.


that means, conscientiously applying your focus where the most readily potentializable learning gains lie: which one is it going to be - innovation, positive disruption, creativity, language, entrepreneur, activism, healing, or anti-oppression?

then simply scale your self-learning through the lens of prioritization of educational content that is most aligned with your core learning objectives. a step up from that is to work the angle of your individual priorities into any and all of my content pieces (ex. blog, podcasts, workshops, etc.) to ensure you consistently bring yourself to embrace more expansive transdisciplinary perspectives and action-ready frameworks. 

take a step further and set up blocked-time sessions (on the weekly) wherein you'll solely apply yourself to prosuming our knowledges. check out this incredible accountability platform (focusmate) to help you along. last but not least, have a note-taking note on the ready as you go. use your notes to self-reflect & recalibrate. then rinse & repeat.


go from clarity  to focused execution

Marie Forleo teaches us to create more than we consume; so counterpoise each content-generated breakthrough & wisdom with a corresponding micro-action challenge. don't worry, love, each content piece is already broken down through strategically integrated micro-action prompts across all our shared content (ex. workshop, podcast, blog, etc.).


all you have to do is show up, do the steps outlined (on this very page ;), and steer yourself through innovation-driven action-based frameworks and mind-blowing transdisciplinary paradigms.


use to this section, customize the tools shared up above, and come back to this section as a quick freshener every time you re-engage this platform. happy transformation, love!

with love, Ches


a breakdown of your free exclusive world-class education portal

read on and get a sense of the range of content laid out for you beautiful. enjoy ;)

tune into my high-impact 3-minute micro-podcast called: "The ChesCast". it is the most transdisciplinary, digestible, value-driven, micro-podcast. period.

check out my media features and cross-platform interviews: from TV, to podcast interviews, and speaking engagements!

here's to my YouTube channel! it encompasses; talks, conversations, more podcast episodes, interviews, and so much more.

here's to my blog; it's all short reads, innovation-drivenness, positive disruption, and social impact in a nutshell.

want more? I've got laods of giveaways, freebies, spanning free consults, events as well as free coaching and consulting sessions, and so much more!

Here are a few pro tips to help you get the biggest bang for your buck each time you tune into my content.

scroll for more

*(here's a summary of our nuggets to get you ready to rock and roll! ;)

Meditating by the Pool
Prime Yourself
Making Notes
Take Notes

Hop on "Do Not Disturb", do a 3-minute power meditation, breathe in, breathe out, then get settled into our content (yaayy!). Ask yourself: "How do I want to show up in this space?" and channel that energy all throughout your knowledge prosumption.

Have a one-platform centralized environment wherein you'll organize all of your notes (ex. Google Drive, Dropbox, a dedicated journal, etc). Keep it clear, easy-to-access, & concise. Date it. Re-engage it continuously through self-reflection moments to make sure your best thoughts stay evolutive.

Young Woman with Black Hair
Take Micro-Action

Last but not least, use your own notes as a prompt to steer you into micro-action ----- for lasting learning gains & inevitable growth. Your updated notes are your gateway to action-drivenness; they bridge the dead space between breakthrough and transformation.

let's dive right in, love

transformation starts here.

world-class education has never been this free, this digestible, this action-focused, and this innovation-driven.

Smiling Woman



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