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cutting-edge worldclass free online education sitting at the critical intersection of political art, creativity, language, QTIBPOC-focusedness, anti-coloniality, anti-racism, & activism starts here.

how to navigate your free content library

wait love! before rolling forward in you unlocking your lifetime access to your free digital content library, here are a few mini-steps to prime you on how to get the biggest bang for your buck every time you tune back in. 

a few minutes of priming for a lifetime clarity enhanced by a tightened focus, refined micro-actions through a clear ideation-to-execution format. here goes. 

read on my love --------> 


see this free content library as your world-class à-la-carte digital education on-the-go. don't overwhelm yourself by getting overcommitted. that makes your passions, curiosity, & interests compete because you are not creating clarity to steer yourself through your intersections of multi-passions & multi-interests.

the solution to that? create priorities within your content prosumption.

what does that mean? --- read below.


Meaning, get clear on where the greatest value lies for you (which sector will be top-of-mind: creativity, language, entrepreneurship, or activism?) and then drip that content into a tailored high-impact micro-educational experience for yourself.

engage your sector-specific content on specific batches of individual pre-scheduled blocked time sessions, stay actively engaged by tacking notes (as you are consuming the content), make your knowledge actionable (turn the learnings into concrete micro-action items as next steps for you), then self-reflect & recalibrate a few days after that. then rinse & repeat.


go from clarity

to focused execution

Marie Forleo teaches us to create more than we consume; so for each content-generated breakthroughs & insights counterpoise that with a micro-action challenge. Turn the lesson into radical transformation. don't worry, each content piece breaks it down for you through strategically integrated micro-action prompts. all you have to do is show up for your part of it and activate your dormant or mismanaged potential into new territories & potentialities of growth.

It will be highly valuable for you to stick to one topical focus at a time (creativity, language, entrepreneurship, or activism), and then run it through its content range before moving on to another content tier.



rethink how you approach elearning for ridiculous gains!

as you commit to this mini-framework, you become diligently time-efficient, you grow your tactical intelligence in a niched-down format, and when you move from one sector-specific content to the next (from creativity to language, from language to activism -- for ex.), you compound heightened micro-bites of industry-led intelligence (language, creativity, ...) into one big cluster of layered transdisciplinary knowledges.


this way, what you bring forward in each part of your holistic digital education is your best fully-fledged thought at the moment regarding one specific topical focus (language, creativity, etc.), rather than cobbling together half-formed nascent thoughts that are too raw, unrefined, & focus-diffusing.   

let's wrap up, love!

(you are one downwards scroll away from your free world-class digital education content library! yayyyy us, beautiful!!!)

in a minute, you'll be directing yourself to your choicest sector-specific content priorities and start implementing my clarity-to-execution framework (see the previous section) by tactically going at it one micro-content piece at a time. take it away beautiful!


a breakdown of your exclusive free content selection

read on love and see how each content piece is formatted from podcast, interviews, blog posts, videos & so much more! enjoy!

the highest value-driven laser-focused podcast period. it is scaffolded through an execution-over-ideation format. The Anti-Colonial Shortcast offers high-impact 5-minute episodes thus materializing maximum clarity for minimum time capital. it elevates concision through focused clarity, lean execution, and spartan strategic planning on how to operationalize both. 

the curated exclusive list of my top-of-the-line media features is relayed to you, multi-format style -- ranging cross-platform thought-provoking TV/podcast interviews & speaking engagements. they blend out short segments with longer-form for a fuller range of complementary mind-expanding content.

my curated YouTube channel wherein all my archived sharable free audiovisual content is housed for your convenience. feel free to streamline into a personalizable you-centric content playlist. of your favorite playable content segments 

my cut-the-frills blog puts forth 4-to-7-minute reads in a radical thought-to-action framework. you get first seat to in-depth cutting-edge high-value perspectives in crystal-clear compelling language heightened by self-reflexive prompts & tactical call-to-micro-actions. in my blog, you get thought-provoking positively disrupting creative solutions to your most recurring roadblocks from creativity, language, entrepreneurship to activism.

because ridiculous value is my uppermost commitment to you as a decolonial digital media activist-entrepreneur, I offer tons of giveaways, freebies, from free consults, mentoring/coaching/consulting sessions, free event tickets, and so much more!

clarify your sector-specific content prioties

expand your one-subject-at-a-time topical focus (creativity, language, entrepreneurship, & activism) by building it through a short-form format range (ex. podcast, blog posts, interviews, video series, etc.) for you to think in a 360 way on the one subject. 

curate your own transdisciplinary intelligence

 as step 02 to that whole process (see left-corner section), proceed to roll on to the next area of topical focus (creativity, language, etc.) and get to build and optimize your transdisciplinary intelligence. one content piece at a time. 

self-reflect & recalibrate

as last part to that process, actively self-reflect after each interaction with the micro-lessons and see how you can further recalibrate your process to optimize your learning, and uplevel your gains through strategic micro-action steps that keep you accountable to your learning.

Now that you're clear on how to manage your own curation of the free world-class content library, let's get you primed for each micro-lesson. Hop on "Do Not Disturb", bust a move, then settle into the content piece. Channel only positive vibes & use those to frame how you energetically engage with your content selection.

Have a one-platform centralized environment whereto organize all of your notes (ex. Google Drive, Dropbox, a dedicated journal, etc). Keep it clear, easy-to-access, & concise. Re-engage it continuously through self-reflection moments to make sure your best thoughts evolve rather than shrink into stagnation.

Last but not least, use your own notes as a prompt to steer you into micro-action ----- for lasting learning gains & inevitable growth. Your updated notes are your gateway to action-drivenness; they bridge thought-provoking knowledges & high-level execution.

Here are a few pro tips to help you get the biggest bang for your buck each time you tune into my content.

dive right in, love

this is your tipping point.

your world-class micro-action-focused digital education starts here. scroll down and get started.




Live events, workshops, & webinars, and so much more! 


The Anti-Colonial Shortcast w/ Ches, and other treats! 

your one-stop curated video content playlist for the highest-engagement & high value-driven education you've ever had. you can rotate from micro-content to longer-form one. free online education has never been this easy, accessible, actionable, & transformational.  


we deep dive into our main transdisciplinary niches and deconstruct them so expansively and innovationally: creativity, anti-coloniality, language, entrepreneurship, & activism. from start to finish, get ready to get blown away, empowered, touched, & elevated.

Check out my

podcast interviews. 

peruse through my latest podcast interviews. the transdisciplinary spectrum of the topics centered and covered in those conversations is wide-ranging: creativity, languages, transdisciplinary intelligence, digital (media) activism, socialpreneurship, and more! Click on the interview you're curious about to get redirected to my collaborator's platform and access the full episode. Enjoy love! :)


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The Podcast

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The Podcast

Nov, 19 2020  – On entrepreneurship and creativity

Elegant Abstract Background

the podcast. 

Coming up soon!

hey love! stop here to tune into my latest podcast episodes ---- welcome to The Anti-Colonial Shortcast with Ches (that's me ;)!


Knock yourself out!

the podcast. 

Rock Formations

Hey love! 

Check out your 2 other free content offers selections below!

the blog. 

enjoy your 4-to-7-minute reads encompassing the cross-sector realms of creativity, language, entrepreneurship, & activism. inspiring prose, in-depth analysis, thought-provoking perspectives, & actionable intelligence. from my thought leadership to your heightened consciousness.

interviews. features.  

check out upcoming interviews (ex. shows, podcasts, articles, keynotes, etc.) across several publications (see below). from micro-size to longer-form interviews. all complementary to your digital education.

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