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welcome to my world, where positive disruption meets social impact

Chesline Pierre-Paul

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maximize your impact, internationalize your reach, and elevate your thought leadership

Social Impact.


Hi beautiful! I want to work with you if you are: 1) a large organization, 2) a company/collective, or 3) an association. I coach you and your team to implement an internal culture that centers elevated thought leadership and innovation for global impact and transformation so that you be determinedly industry-making and -defining in your targeted market. My secret sauce? I instate anti-oppression as the fuel for and moving force of collective empowerment, in ways never seen before that capitalize on economic justice and empowerment, positive disruption, and rebellious leadership. Want to maximize the impact of your work and the magnitude of your authority as a leader on the scale of the global? Want to internationalize your market and network by exerting partnerships as multiway allyships?


Welcome to my world where positive disruption and rebellious leadership meet global impact and transformation. Transformation, is only the beginning.

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