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creativity / language

The Creational Freeing & Healing Program

you are an artist-activist and want to take your political art to the next level. you want to get from creatively challenged to creatively charged.

The Creature of The Third Culture Program

you are immigrant-born/adopted and want to reclaim your biological ancestry by (re)learning your lost native (Indigenous) language.

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hey Ches!


creatvity / language

are you ... 

  • creatively stuck, challenged, demotivated? 

  • a multi-passionate badass artist who wants to evolve their art into new forms of creation & political activism?

  • struggling to get strategic visibility in your field? struggling to find the best platforms to promote your art & your message?

  • unsure how to stay authentic as you market/visibilize yourself & your art for bigger, better, stronger reach?

  • uncomfortable networking? Looking for ways to tactically build & nurture organic human-centered connections?

  • unsure who & where your tribes are?

are you ...

  • tired of feeling (a)shamed for not speaking your native language? Uncomfortable with your "accent" as you do?

  • frustrated no existing established education model centers YOU? Fed up they colonize & erase your story?

  • confused? Asking yourself: "who am I?" and questioning the legitimacy of your identity?

  • done with being mis/represented, tokenized, exotified?

  • tired of living in the shadow of family members (from "back home") and feeling miscast?

  • tired of not knowing where you come from, who you are, and how it all intersects?

  • looking to be confident, self-determined, & affirmed? Know how to navigate with grace, ease, & gusto the several cultures which you embody & live through every single day? 

If you said yes to the above, well... 

welcome home my love!

I've journeyed through institutional oppression, inter-generational shame & trauma, and directionlessness as a Queer artist-activist born into the Third Culture, and I'm here today to share with you my wealth of knowledge, wisdom, & tactical intelligence inspirited by systemic QTBIPOC-centering anti-coloniality & servant glocal thought leadership affirmed by radical openness & self-reverence.  

in a world intent on our destruction, as Janet Mock relays, self-determination is the constructive affirmation of radical resistance.

Join the revolution

creativity / language

2 paths. 1 transformation. yours.

your journey has already started.

Black & White Portrait of an Attractive

I am a multi-award-winning media activist, glocal thought leader, independent scholar, & co-founder of The Decolonial Hub. I have a deade+ worth of combined experience in: trailblazing media activism, closing the gap on systemic iniquities, & honing & developing a strong content base spanning cutting-edge methodology, wisdom, & transdisciplinary knowledge that fuels my coaching practice. 

okay Ches, break it down for me

about me

Which means I :

  • will save you the cost of an underserving boilerplate 6-figure+ education with my word-class highly customized online coaching-education packs ;

  • will coach you inro longlasting autonomy through a truly one-of-a-kind self-paced post-coaching program just for YOU. This way you keep on uplevelling empowered by a clear micro action-driven blueprint;

  • am a unicorn, and so is my coaching. It's literally the only  such 2-tier coaching program of its kind. in the world. period. 

about the programs

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the most 360° coaching XP ever

the most engaging & co-creative coaching period

Each coaching program is structured in the same fashion. Everything is geared for: 1) seamless user XP platform-, & material-wise; 2) clarity, concision & fuss-free one-stop communication channel; 3) digital immersion through 360° next-level coaching!!

Read on for more on the programs 

in all my coaching programs

Here's what your're getting

creativity / language

We co-design scripts/templates that help you automate specific tasks that smooth out your process & gift you with greater time-efficiency & increased pools of energy capital.

I help you continuously grow your life's network so that you may organically connect with high-vibe shareholders in your dream & journey, get uplifted as you uplifts & go on thriving & growing in a safe-r space through a collective growth-minded consciousness.

We connect 3x/week; during our 2 live online coaching sessions & via our accountability program. You share your struggles & I provide a positive action-driven solution-focused framework. 

my signature programs

creativity / language

The Creational Freeing & Healing Program

The Creature Of The Third Culture Program




The best tools, practices, strategies, pro tips, & resources are shared with you through a centralized living toolkit that boosts your efficiency through the roof.

Rather than traditional boring text-driven long-form homework, I give you bite-size action-driven assignments in the form of radical action challenges, CTA, & "bold messy action" (Natanya Bravo).

Part of why my coaching is so transparently holistic is how movement & embodiment practice are core to how we prime ourselves pre- and during coaching.

everything I do is.

immersive. tailored. action-driven. micro-focused. real life-ready. growth-inducing. transformational. empowering.

unlock exclusive content & giveaways

in each pack

Become your most

autonomous & independent yet

by learning how to be wholly self-reliant & how to organically grow, nurture, & leverage your allyship community network. 

Welcome home

beautiful. your journey has already started.


but don't take my word for it!

I have loved the intricate nature of your teaching. You have personally inspired me with your abilities and positivity. - Brittney, CA

give back with each purchase

Through each coaching experience (events, programs, etc.) you invest in, your transformation activates somebody else's through my QTBIPOC & allies community network.

Each cent you invest in yourself is a gift with community-wide reach & resonance. This allows me to donate my time, services, talent, & resources through mentorship, scholarship, & free coaching programs for our QTBIPOC community & allies.


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creativity / language

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creativity / language  

holistic creativity & language coaching

next-level 360° immersive coaching XP

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Thank you, love, for having made it this far. Thank YOU for the gift of your presence. Thank YOU For being. And for being here.

I will get back to you as soon as can be. This is a one-human-powered machine; I have a robust built-in customer service integration will do my utmost to reach back (bear with me beautiful! ;). 


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