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welcome to my digital empire. this is my startup company. quintessentially put, my business is a bleeding-edge world-class two-tier holistic coaching practice & first of its kind; its 2 defining tiers are creativity & language coaching (check my programs' page for more coaching offerings). and yet, it is sooooo much more than that. in my robust suite of premium flagship coaching packs I help you:

creativity-wise / language-wise

become a next-gen creative authority as an artist-activist. create & amplify a leveraged life's network of badass media & art activists, allies, & top-of-the-line creative giants. unlearn the artist's block. boost, revamp & smoothly operationalize a creativity process that leaves you forever unstuck & creatively invincible. unleash your creative charge, mojo, & intelligence.

learn how to reclaim the lost native (Indigenous) language of your biological ancestry as an immigrant-born and/or adopted creature of the third culture. get clear on what your racialized cultural & linguistic self-identity, living legacy, & unique voice is beyond supremacy & binaries. come into yourself with clarity, integrity, & self-determination.

grow from creatively challenged to creatively expansive.

political art that matters has never been this simple, this fuss-free, this powerful, & this organic

go from confused, tentative & diminished in your identity base to radically empowered, self-determined, affirmed, & self-reverent.

tailored anti-colonial co-creative language coaching for the radically  transculturally unique & nonconforming is one click away

entirely digitally immersive & 360 ° coaching

everything is housed on your easy-access user-friendly unique portal

30-day money-back guarantee 

a one-time extendable investment for a lifelong radical transformation

next-level coaching XP

the most seamless coaching experience with timely turnaround & first-class customer support 

all my coaching programs include

A bit about me 

I am a speaker, coach, & consultant. I am your holistic coach on creativity, language, and copywriting.  

I am also a multi-award-winning glocal thought leader, a media & language activist, and co-founder of The Decolonial Perspectives & Practices Hub (DPPH). 


My journey as an agent of change started as a potential-hungry but change-resistant nine-to-fiver ...

 This is for you if 

you are a QTIBPOC+ Queero, S/hero, and ally and you either want:

creativity coaching

You are an artist-activist who wants to create political transformational art that matters for people who care.




you are multicultural and want to reclaim your identity by learning the lost native (Indigenous) language of your biological ancestral lineage.

art as anti-colonial resistance & political activism

language as self-determination & anti-colonial healing

Here are 

01 /

Creational freeing & healing

learn how to create art that heals, mobilizes, matters, & builds heightened political consciousnesses. learn how to do more with less; mainline your creative process; smartly leverage & nurture heart-centered allyships; develop & expand your own thought leadership as a creative artist-activist authority.

unlearn artist's block, create a new paradigm for political artistry & content creation.


02 /

Creature of the Third Culture

learn your own lost native language and articulate your own cultural & linguistic authority, intelligence, & identity.

celebrate the uniqueness of your original ancestry, living legacy, QTIBPOC-ness, & hybrid transculturality.

live your cultural & linguistic self-identities with incorruptible clarity, affirming integrity, & humbling authenticity. you are culturally & linguistically legitimate, necessary, & unsurpassedly powerful.


03 /

My exclusive free content library

uplevel your free education through my fresh-off-the-press well-curated high-quality free content library on all things anti-racist, QTBIPOC-centering, creativity-language coaching, socialpreneurial, activistic, transdisciplinary, and soooo much more!

this includes: my podcast, video, blog, newsletter, free online events, special giveaways!!!

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Why should I pick you as my coach? 

hey Ches!

here's why I'm all what you've been waiting for love!

I am a multi-award-winning language expert and a next-gen glocal thought leader on media activism, anti-coloniality, & transdisciplinary intelligence. 

I am a love warrior, activist-philanthropist, creative multi-passionate socialpreneur-activist, and a creature of the wilderness.

i am a unicorn

Why? Because I am a coach who makes themselves timely obsolete to hold space for your autonomy. As we go through the completion of our coaching cycle together, you will learn to how: 

  • live by the measure of your own self-direction (i.e. being autonomous & adaptively self-driven post-coaching),

  • tactically generate & enhance your own growth,

  • co-creatively work with & learn from soul crushes, glocal luminaries, & community champions,

  • be undyingly empowered & painlessly cultivate agility & innovation through your own transdiscipinary intelligence, 

  • take inspired directed micro-action as an industry innovator,

  • act from a place of focused clarity, multi-passion, & strategic thinking always

  • lead to serve, and serve to innovate as a glocal thinker & activistic leader,

  • how to be a force for good that is innovationally necessary & paradigm-breaking.


Get ready to find what makes you powerful. Today. Get ready to get creatively jostled whole & awake.    

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 2-tier coaching

creativity / language 

and so much more!


Authentic. Powerful. QTIBPOC-centered. Word-class.

one-of-a-kind battle-tested programs. Join the revolution.

About all my live online coaching programs

creativity / language 

and so much more! 

each coaching program is a 360° experience all of its own. everything is clearly outlined for you in your one-stop user-friendly individual portal where all materials are housed.  new weekly coaching content, updates & feed-forward are dripped module by module on that same platform.

you're walked through the coachee portal right from Day 01 of your transformation. it's a doozie of a system. then, each week of our program, you are sent timely bite-size kind reminder emails for your own convenience. here's all you need to know about your program whether creativity/language or my other offerings (it's the same back-end structure for all!).

live coaching programs' breakdown

group / 1:1  


one first 1h30min session & a follow-up laser-focus one 


all materials are shared, editable, & customized 

high engagement:

all sessions are highly collaborative & co-creative + homework CTA- & action-driven 

quick last note on

the live coaching programs' breakdown

group / 1:1  

In all my live online coaching programs you get to:


that will help you accelerate your growth further, strategically develop organic collaborations, & provide you with a safe-r space wherein to innovate, grow your leadership muscles, & beta-test new projects 


together, in the 2 weeks leading up to the completion of your coaching, we will get to co-creating what your next micro-action steps will be to keep you uplevelling, charged, & results-bearing. at this point in time you will also have unlocked giveaways & beautiful prizes!! 



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creativity / language

and so much more!

is one click away

2+ paths. 1 transformation. yours. today.

but don't take my word for it!

here's what my tribe has to say about me & what I do:

I have loved the intricate nature of your coaching. You have personally inspired me with your abilities and positivity.

Brittney, CA




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Thank you, love, for having made it this far. Thank YOU for the gift of your presence. Thank YOU For being. And for being here.

I loooooove hearing from you beautiful! I will get back to you as soon as can be. On the account of this being a one-human-powered machine, I will do my utmost to follow through love, thus, bear with me beautiful, I can tell you it'll be more than worth your while! ;). Talk soon!


Power and grace to you, always. Ches. Your coach.


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