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welcome to my world, where positive disruption meets social impact

Chesline Pierre-Paul

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I am a transformation coach and a social impact expert on innovation, economic empowerment, and rebellious leadership. 


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my superpower.

I am a unicorn. I force into disruptive harmony worlds that are systemically divorced: language, creativity, activism, entrepreneurship. 

My secret sauce? Anti-oppression. But wait! Not in a divisive us-against-them reductively bleeding-heart liberal kind of way. In a way that calls us all to use seminal diversity transformationally, intersectionally, and tactically, as a form of mutual honoring and multi-way empowerment that is practicalizable into tangible economics, self-determining, and rebellious leadership.

Find what makes you powerful.

with me, Ches



If you are an individual or a family, check out my transformation coaching right here. It is about (re)learning your lost native language to reclaim your biological ancestry. 

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On the other hand, if you are an organization, a company, an association, or a collective, have a look-see at my social impact consulting right here. It is about leveraging anti-oppression to instate cross-industrial innovation and global thought leadership on the scale of the global.

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In both streams, I seamlessly linearize the trajectory between your today and your becoming through high-impact programs and world-class services. Transformation has never been this holistic, organic, paradigm-making, yet practical, daring, and grounding.

This, is only the beginning.

with love, Ches

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There's more than one way to work with me, from 1:1 coaching to social impact consulting for large organizations. You can now also enjoy the most digestible, potent, action-driven, holistic, yet simple and unsurpassingly transdisciplinary learning experience. Check out my self-paced digital education programs from self-empowerment coaching, to public speaking, and more. So much more. See you on the other side of transformation.

This, is only the beginning.

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It'd be underserving at best not to take our connection to the next level, love. But don't take my word for it, here's what my clients have to say ;)